– First off, if you weren’t in Richmond, VA for Stay Sweet PT 2 in April, you fucking blew it. Incredible weekend full of great bands and friends.

– We’ve been plowing away at writing our new record. We have 6 songs written and a handful of ideas floating around. Flat out, best songs we’ve ever written.

– Artwork is being finalized for our 2×7″ split (YEAH, THATS TWO RECORDS IN A BOSS ASS GATEFOLD) with the grundles in HisDayHasCome. We’re gonna be playing some songs from it this July on our tour.

– Oh yeah, we’re touring.


2 – the Jewish Mother, Norfolk, VA

3 – Jimbo’s Rock Lounge, Charleston, SC

4 – Sector 7G, Augusta, GA

5 – tba, fl

6 – tba, fl

7 – tba, fl

8 – The Big Top, New Orleans, LA *MATINEE SHOW*

9 – tba,TX

10 – Korova, San Antonio, TX

11 – The Pound, Tuscon, AZ

12th-22nd w/ Random Orbits

12 – Yayo Taco, Las Vegas, NV

13 – the Slidebar, Fullerton, CA

14 -the Captain’s Quarters, Encinitas, CA

15 – tba, Los Angeles, CA


17 -Grindhouse Gaming, Lopoc, CA

18 – Story House, Santa Cruz, CA

19 – Press Club, Sacramento, CA

20 – tba, Oakland, CA

21 – Laughing Horse Books, Portland, OR

22 – Galway Arms, Seattle, WA

23 – the Man Cave (House Show), West Haven, UT

24 – Blast-O-Mat, Denver, CO

25 – Lemon Drop, Springfield, MO

26th-29th w/ Shared Arms

26 – tba, chicago, il

27 – tba, michigan

28 – Carabar, Columbus, OH

29Scumbags, Natrona, PA

We’re gonna be filling in those tba’s very soon. We’re super excited to be spending many of these days with Random Orbits, Shared Arms and some surprise buddies in Florida =)

– Relatively soon, we may be posting up some new merch and stuff to raise a little cash for this tour. Gas ain’t cheap.

– Is that it? I think that about covers it. Hope you’re already to get real disappointed this summer.



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hey friends! how goes it? yeah? great! us too!

So yeah, we’re playing some shows soon. April 12th in Philadelphia to be exact with Broadcaster, Censors, Aspiga and State Lines! Gettin’ the Stay Sweet party started a little early!

AND we’re gonna be playing April 13th in Richmond, VA during the first day of Stay Sweet!

The first batch of weekend tickets have sold out. So if you plan on going (and why wouldnt you? every single day is stacked with some of the most awesome bands around right now), I’d be prepared to do so!

Pre-sale for our split 7″ with Shared Arms will be up eventually. You should probably just pre-order the new MXPX record from Jump Start until then though.

We’re also finalizing our plans for our summer tour. Looks like we’re gonna be out in July, but like I said, nothing is 100% set in stone though. But if you wanna get in touch with us about a certain area or just chit chat/make plans to drink a lot of beer you can reach us at

So until next time……..



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Well here it is, our split 7″ with Shared Arms is now streaming on
the Jump Start Records bandcamp page. The physical release looks like
it will be coming out in May. Hey, records take time and money, friends!

On top of this great news, we’re honored to announce we’re playing the
Stay Sweet Fest in Richmond, VA in April! We’re super excited to be playing
with some of the best bands in punk rock today as well as some really
great friends! here’s the facebook event page!

2012 is shaping up to be an awesome year for us and we’re not even a
full month in yet. we still have our split with HisDayHasCome coming
out, we’re beginning to write for our follow-up to 61 Penn and we plan
on doing some touring over the summer. No nifty little battle cry that
will sell a million t-shirts for us, just fun times. See you guys soon!

– Crucial Dudes



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We still have one of these….

Man, keepin’ up on social networks is HARD. We’ve been sorta busy lately…sorta. Back at the beginning of October, we recorded 3 songs for our split with HisDayHasCome. In late November, we’ll be recording vocals for them. We’ll also be setting up an awesome time at the Auction House around thsi time too, so we’ll be keepin you guys up to date with that. In the coming months, our split 7″ with Shared Arms will be dropping on Jump Start Records. A small run of dates are being discussed for December as well and on top of all of this, we’ve started writing for our next full length record! 2012: A Crude Odyssey.

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The Return!


We have returned from spending the best 16 days of our lives with HisDayHasCome. We cannot thank everyone that we’ve met over the last two weeks, everyone that came out to the shows and made us feel at home every single goddamn night and all of our old friends in familiar places that we got to spend time with enough. Beer flowed like wine, Pizza was consumed,the Strugglebus was fixed, Frisbee was played, a Grand was placed, YrBoiz were Hashtagged, Bones were Roasted, Brothers were Hey’d, Kareoke was performed, Waterfest was attended, we Took It Easy because we were On 3rd Street,  Ol’ Reddi and Spaghetti were terrible, this was the best summer of Tates/Taters/Tatesie/Toots ever (thats not his name!). I cannot express the amount of love I have for the other 10 human beings that occupied the Strugglebus.

We’re finishing up writing for our split with HDHC and recording for it in early October at the Gradwell House. It’ll be out sometime early next year.

We’ll also have some plans for winter break soon too.

Put a grand on it.



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Before we get ready to destroy pop-punk in 12 days…


Here’s a little tour flier with some info about the shows! We posted a note on that has every event page for every show on it, so everyone can get addresses and such =)

Also, i’d like to touch on how awesome the record release show for 61 Penn was a few weeks back. Hands down the most fun and best show we’ve ever played, seeing a lot of fresh faces mixed in with our best friends was a great feeling and we were lucky to get to spend the evening with everyone. Also, the picture i’m about to post is going to break the internet. WHO SINGS FOR US?!

Anyway, see you guys in a little over a week, if you’re at a show, come talk to us and let’s party!!

– Crudes

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